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We had never been through this process and found it to be scary and confusing. We were also being attacked by another party and accused of doing all types of crazy things. It was such a blessing to have Mr. Goode represent us in the matter. He was caring and a calming influence during the process. His advice and guidance was excellent which helped guide us through this difficult process. Clearly we could not have completed this journey without his help. I would and do highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice. He is absolutely the best and you will be glad you chose him as your attorney.

– Gil Lanham

Former Probate Magistrate

I served as a Magistrate at the Hamilton County Probate Court, where I oversaw the administration of estates and guardianships, presided over trials, and issued rulings in contested cases. This experience gives me a unique perspective that is valuable in counseling my clients throughout their cases.

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